Ordering Process

How Do I Order Flowers?

  • In order to order flowers you will need to fill out an application.
  • Once your application is received it will take 2 days for the information to be upload into the system. This information will tell us how you ship, when you ship to, and whether or not you use Air or Trucking service to receive your flowers.
  • Once we have upload your data / preferences which is necessary for us to understand your needs. We will send you a login and password to access the buyers platform and purchase flowers.
  • When you buy flowers using online inventory you will choose your products, the amount of product and put it into your cart. It is important to know that if your cart doesn’t have any activity for more than 10 minutes the cart will be canceled. As long as you are buying, reviewing and searching product the timeout function will not effect your buying experience.
  • Once you have chosen all the products you wish to purchase, you will go to the cart button which will show all the products you have purchases, at this moment you can remove product, add product or checkout.
  • When you checkout you will be asked to choose an option to pay for our purchase.
    1. Submit your credit or debit card.
    2. Use Credit Line from FFCU.
  • That this point the system will authenticate your payment method and create an invoice with the vendors you have purchased products from. You will receive a confirmation with a copy of your invoice. If you used a credit card you will receive an email with your receipt.
  • After that the system will notify the vendors of your choice of shipping method, day of shipping and confirm your purchases. The product will be shipped according to your preference.


If you have any questions regarding these steps we can go on line and show you the process and help you with your first order. Send all comments or concerns to sales@adarawholesale.com